Rapha Nocturne to host Copenhagen Classico

18 July 2017
Copenhagen Classico to start a packed programme of events on 19th August.

We introduced the Concours d'elegance to the Rapha Nocturne in London but it turns out that our friends in Copenhagen were one step ahead of us and have been organising a similar event called the Copenhagen Classico over the last few years. The Classico follows a similar format and celebrates stylish and elegant cyclists - participants are invited to dress up and dust off their vintage bikes to take part in a leisurely ride.


We are therefore, delighted to collaborate with the Classico to create the Rapha Nocturne Copenhagen Classico in 2017 with the event taking place around the Rapha Nocturne Copenhagen circuit. Over 150 riders are expected to take part with the event starting at 2pm kicking off a packed programme of rides and racing.

Find out more and details of how to take part on the Copenhagen Classico Facebook page